Economy Grew?

What a load of BS.

Anecdotal evidence suggest completely otherwise.

Stock market is down big on volume;
Tourist arrivals are down;
retail sector is being killed from from high rentals.
House prices falling;
F&B sector is suffering;
Hordes of people going Msia and regional countries to shop;

My guess is that since election is near, let the major vote bank of theirs – i.e. civil servants, teachers and uniform groups made happy for their continuous support.

Now, let me ask this group of people:

“many of you vote for them, because you are so afraid they will know and you promotions will be scuttled.”

But, ask your self this question,”How can they know, if they have come out publicly that your vote is secret”

So, if they do know as you suspect, do you want to continue to support them, when you know they are 1st class liars.

For the sake of your children’s future, long term, real long term; – pause and think if this the right thing to do??

So, vote with you head….

CB Chou

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