Ever since Amos Yee was forced into 3 weeks remand, there has been little news about his condition apart from the revelations by his lawyer Alfred Dodwell who has since been censored for publishing court documents.

A reader alerted us to Amos's mothers Facebook which clearly shows the ill-effects of prison life taking its toll on Amos's mental health.

Amos's mother Mary said

"Amos' cellmates told him that he could be suffering from hallucinations. He was seen talking to himself and hitting the walls repeatedly. He became worried as he could not remember any such things done. He also has difficulty falling asleep, having only about 2 to 3 hrs of sleep everyday.

Amos looks even skinnier today. He said pimples have grown on his body and made him feel itchy. When I told him that Dodwell & TOC were told to remove the 'Firm Letter to Court', he kept asking, "Why? Why remove?" At one point, he hit repeatedly on the glass piece separating us apart so hard that it invited 3 police officers over." 

It appears that Amos is not coping well with prison and may be suffering from a mental breakdown. Is this how Singapore treats our 16 year olds? What do you think? Does Amos deserve such harsh and draconian treatment?

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