Do you have a cockroach problem at home? Those roaches come out every night to prowl your kitchen and they don't seem to go away even after using all sorts of chemical baits? Why not use this DIY cockroach trap that is easy to make, super effective and environmentally friendly?

Credits and thanks to Beng Tang for this really cool trap!  

Step 1: Instead of using chemical weapons, which are harmful to human health and the environment, you can deal with a roach infestation using traps made from recycled plastic food tubs. Step 1, take a plastic food tub, the kind used to package some kinds of food, that has a cover, and turn it upside down.

Step 2: Using a cutter knife, scratch the outline of a trapdoor shape on the bottom of the tub, including the hinges.

Step 3: Carefully deepen the centre line by going over it again and again until you cut through, then deepen the sides of the doors until you cut through. Do it gradually rather than trying to cut throguh in one cut to avoid tears in the door, and for safety – the cutter blade is less likely to snap if you don't press too hard. Wear safety goggles or specs to protect eyes from flying snapped blades.

Step 4: Carefully fold down the doors. I leave the doors there rather than cutting them off and leaving a doorless hole, in order to encourage the roaches to crawl down the doors and fall into the trap.

Final Step: Lightly oil the inside walls, and the side with the trap door, with some vegetable oil. Peanut oil is good as the smell also works as bait. The oil makes the inside walls slippery so the roaches can't climb them. Do not oil the outside of the container. Put in some paper towel with some peanut butter on it as bait, put the container lid on, and leave overnight in a dark place where there are roaches.

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