According to findings from Randstad’s Q2 2015 Workmonitor research, one in three Singapore employees find it hard to let go of work even while on a holiday. In addition, half of the 400 surveyed said their superiors expects them to be contactable despite being on holiday. Strong work ethics coupled with greater penetration of technology means Singaporeans find it hard to let go of work during holidays.

Randstad country director for Singapore Mr Michael Smith said: “Singapore employees are also known to have a strong work ethic and are often motivated by money and career progression. This can often translate into working long hours in order to achieve their career goals, also making it harder to switch off once they leave the office.”

“We found that 62 per cent of employees don’t mind handling work-related matters in their own time, while 41 per cent choose to keep across their work during holidays as they like to stay involved. While it’s great to have a high level of commitment to your job, employees need to learn when to let go,” he said.

The findings put Singapore among the top in the list of Asia Pacific countries where employees do not leave the stresses of work behind. Japanese (44 per cent) topped the list, followed by Malaysian employees (36 per cent).

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