dear editors,

i watched the viral video of those men smoking openly in the MRT. i am a smoker myself but I really cannot stand the arrogance of these jokes who spoil our reputation. why need to smoke in the MRT when you know it is against the law? just go out and take your puff if you cannot tahan ler?

anyway I happen to know the man who is seen smoking in the video. SMRT say they make police report already and I hope this will help police find him for their investigation. like what many commenters say, they ought to be punished and fined heavily for being so "brave" on the MRT

his name is Aravin and his facebook account is here. if you look at the photos on the facebook, you will see clearly that this is the guy who smoked on the MRT. his phone number is 84999664. (Update: Aravin has taken down his FB account, you can find an old version of his FB)

please share with Singaporeans and let the authorities deal with such trouble makers.  

A.S.S. Contributor

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