Hi A.S.S.,

Was at kfc…

I join a queue, short one, only one customer at counter ordering

Then suddenly a raw elderly auntie appear and cut my queue, she was saying the elderly auntie ( look like her) at the counter was damn slow

I dun mind letting her since she came before me and is an old lady and i not rushing for time. She also say sorry to me so i ok lo

However when is her turn to order (in front of me) she ordered the 2.90 blueberry pancake(2 sets), after which she requested for two cup of hot water. The counter staff obliged, giving her two cup of hot water in plastic cups. But the elderly auntie was so unhappy and demanded a bigger cup in those paper cup meant for coffee. The counter staff then say she will give another cup lo but put in plastic cup.

Then my turn i order as per usual. Then i saw the elderly untie went to the counter manned by the slow auntie. She then complain to her that the previous staff so stingy, give her so small cup, also proceed to point finger at the staff. Im like omg, at first u say the elder staff is slow then u jump to my counter but then u accuse her of being stingy lolol

Elderly auntie also told the elder staff,”next time i find u huh” means she will queue at her counter so as to obtain bigger cup of warm water

Haizz… Self entitlement


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