In 50 years, the history books will tell how Singapore reverted back into a fishing village under L*L & his successors. Except that there are very few fishes left due to the environmental degradation from land reclamation & over development. It will be the classic case study of taking the wrong developmental path, unable to change course & being in constant & perpetual denial throughout.

The PAP can’t change yet their entire system is failing rapidly. Education is failing because we’re too focused on academic achievements while US kids are busy using the computer for coding smart apps for touch devices or bot application that could revolutionize new business models disrupting traditional business like Airbnb or Uber/Lyft.

Singaporeans are too focused on the paper chase when 3rd world people are using fake degrees or buying from degree mills to shortcut the process & getting away with it.

The political system in Singapore is failing because PAP are focused on maintaining power & receiving huge welfare checks oblivious to the failings around them. The indoctrinated electorate are too fearful about losing their rice bowl, unaware that 15 years ago, it had been broken & replaced with a begging bowl instead.

The PAP are barreling towards 6.9m or even 10m population numbers without even thinking if Singapore can house & feed such massive numbers. What kinds of job creation to maintain such numbers? Singapore have very poor wage growth yet has an out-of-control cost of living situation simply from a real estate bubble & govt-push asset enhancement policy. Only a fool would want to work in Singapore!


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