Hi everyone,

Can we please stop bad mouthing the poor volunteers, national servicemen and students at the SEA Games today? They were also doing their best to cope in the big messy situation and it is not right for you to call them names and blame them.

In fact, I think the volunteers in purple, national servicemen and students are not incompetent. Many of them are part timers or temp contract staff and have not been equipped with the right knowledge or even receive any training to deal with gigantic crowds like tonight.

If you are still witch hunting, go after the organizing exco and ministry in charge. The top management seriously need to ask themselves many questions and learn from history. It appears like the new Sports Hub is too overwhelming for their capability and they are more accustomed to dealing with the pathetic small crowds at S League matches

It’s probably the PAP’s fault as they delay the building of the new national stadium in the last 7 years, so there was no big national event to give Singaporeans experience in handling big scale projects like this.

Wei Liang

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