A reader, who asks to remain anonymous, saw a discriminatory job advertisement posted on soft drink company Yeos' website. 
Please click on the links to view the job advertisements:
Our reader noticed that each of the job advertisements needed the job applicant to be bilingual in both Mandarin and English. He says that this is blatant discrimination against the non-Chinese minorities in Singapore.
He also noticed that under the Logistics Executive position, Yeos says it expects candidates to have an education qualification of Form 5 and above. Form 5 is a Malaysia educational standard, and it seems that the advertisement on the Singapore website is aimed at foreign Malaysian Chinese workers.
Our reader says he hopes to spread awareness of this not to cause any unhappiness, but so that people can be aware that minorities and Singaporeans are being discriminated in Singapore. He hopes the Ministry of Manpower or some authorities will step in to fix the situation.

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