A screengrab of a Filipino FT's foul mouth tirade against Singapore has went viral since yesterday night. The Facebook post by RJ Ronaldo was foul-mouthed, disrespectful and highly incendiary against Singapore. He even called Singapore, China's bitch and threatened to invade Singapore with the help of the USA. 

He said: "Singapore a small shit of land with mongoloid people hu didn't know shit just got developed bcuz of the british and too dumb do its own shit and hires skilled and proffesional Filipinos..wait till the US and Philippines wage war against china, yes right were gonna invade u china's bitch singaporeshit and will fuck you real good!!!"

This over the top tirade was met with much derison on the internet and even a presumably Filipino "Olana Irvin Melendres" called him out and told RJ Ronaldo that he was too much and should stop it. 

As expected Singaporeans have not reacted kindly to his harsh and inflammatory words and this is like "Edz Ello" happening all over once more. Will RJ Ronaldo feign ignorance and claim that he was hacked once the flames get too hot to handle? 

This was how Singaporeans reacted to this Filipino's comments. 

Mag Kan: Oh this guy. Just another sad attention seeker needing attention cuz his father stopped going into his room at nite. Yawn.

Farhan Bin Mohamed Zahiri: Another shit hole dog from 3rd world country is threatening singapore.

Saiful Dimitri: Talk big, nothing to show, the guy has small balls, how about I smack you instead with fist full of patriotism in my hand on your face. I'm sure that'll set you straight. Eh please la, you want to invade our country, your own military has third grade weapons, how to compete with singapore? Hahaha.

Shawn Chen: Relax guys, we all know why these people like to flame and attack us right? They know deep down that we're way better than them. They have no better way to prove that their country or even they themselves, can fare better than us, thus resorting to such feeble taunts to provoke us. It all boils down to one simple word – jealousy. You can't get the grape? Simple, just say that the grape is sour.

Ishwar Serma: Great, another edz ello. Hope they arrest him soon. His comments are offensive and uncalled for.

Sean Josh Albertan: Don't bother, tiny people who don't carry weight, who care?? if he really dare to do what he claim…I DARE HIM!! Joker everywhere…more import big issue waiting for us all to concern…

Faizal Jim Bohari: Don't stoop down to his level guys. we forgive him for his deprived childhood. We are much bigger than this. In more ways than 1.

Zaki Ibrahim Andries: Report him! Confronted him on one of the threads about the sea games spring board shit and he was defaming us singaporeans like nobody's business

Will RJ Ronaldo face the same fate as Edz Ello? Or will he ride into the sunset unscathed after the serious threats made against Singapore? 

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