The hospital said so, Hsien Loong also said so. This is a true sign of being prepared for it. The hospitals are all well prepared and equipped with all the protocols in place. MOH has also started to screen passengers from South Korea.

With the rapid spread of MERS there, we know that they have fouled up badly. We cannot do less than them. We have our experience with SARS and know exactly what to do.The govt is well prepared, are the people and commercial organizations well prepared as well?

This MERS thing is not just the job of the govt. One thing for sure, the SMRT is the most well prepared for MERS, to spread like wild fire if a MERS infected passenger happens to be in a jam packed train. The tightly confined cabin with the recycling of little air in them makes it a perfect contraption for the spread of MERS in the shortest possible time. Our shopping centres and all airconditioned environment are ideal breeding grounds for MERS to spread.

What about the people? Are the people equipped to defend themselves against the spread of MERS? The haze season is still a few months ahead and there is no need to issue protective masks to the people yet. With a more deadly and contagious disease like MERS that will come, only a matter of days, could be the next hour, why are the masks not issued to the people? Are the people told to start buying masks and start to wear masks or to wait until an incident strikes?

When should the people be prepared for this attack since it is a matter of time before it arrives? The preparedness of the govt and hospital is only a small part of the equation.

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