40 year-old Jason Blair Unger was fined $2,500 on Monday by the Singapore courts today after pleading guilty to committing an act of mischief by throwing his bicycle on the bonnet of a car in a road rage incident. Unger’s actions caused damages to parts of the car’s bonnet near the headlights and registration plate. Fortunately for his victim, the video was uploaded online and shared widely across the internet.

On 17th October 2014, Unger and 48 year-old Woo Wing Onn were travelling along Selegie Road when the collision happened. Woo had driven his car to the extreme left lane to turn left, but switched lanes to avoid a taxi which had stopped. He drove behind Unger, who suddenly jammed on the brakes, causing a minor collision between the car and the bicycle that Unger rode.

Visibly enraged, Unger alighted from his bicycle and flung it on the bonnet of the car. He demanded aggressively to know why Mr Woo had hit him and yelled that he was “someone with a kid”. Although Mr Woo apologized, his wife decided to confront the Canadian about the damage and called the police.

In his defence, Unger’s lawyers said that the Canadian had made full payment for the damages he caused, paying $2219 for the damages to the car. He added that Unger was a first time offender and had been living in Singapore since August 2010. He is married to a Singaporean and has a 18 month-old child.

The defence also argued that Unger had dropped the bicycle on the bonnet as he “feared for his safety” and lost his temper in the heat of the moment. However, Unger also accepted that his actions were “inexcusable.”

According to defence lawyers, Unger’s employment prospects were “tarnished” as a result of the video’s circulation, and even children in his school have asked him why he had behaved that way. Testimonials from his employers, past and present stated that his actions were “out of character”.

The Canadian could have been jailed for up to two years, fined or both for causing mischief and damage amounting $500 and above.

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