Canadian tourist, Emil Kaminski, has become a notorious figure in Malaysia after he posted sarcastic and insensitive comments calling a Malaysian minister “stupid” while defending the actions of a group of Caucasian tourists who behaved inappropriately on the peak of Mount Kinabalu.

Locals believed that the tourists, who stripped down, urinated and took naked photographs of themselves on the mountain trail despite their guide’s warnings, had angered the mountain god, which they believe led to the Sabah earthquakes that killed 18 people, including several Singaporean school children.

Kaminski, who posted photos of the naked tourists and tagged the Facebook profiles of the tourists involved in the incident, has now released a defiant video where he declared that he was no where near Malaysia at the time when the naked photo incident took place.

In a twist of fate, his act of tagging the other tourists online indirectly led to the arrests of the same tourists whose actions he was trying to defend, as well as his own arrest.

In his YouTube video – “Mt. Kinablu – The Naked Truth”, Kaminski made light about the earthquake, which he refers to as an “assquake” because he says Malaysians accused the tourists of causing the earthquake by appearing in photos on the mountain with their “butt cheeks” in full view.

He explained that he was no where near Malaysia during the time of the naked photo incident and the earthquake, but had merely reposted the naked photos of the tourists on Mount Kinabalu and tagged those responsible for the pictures. He says he was surprised by the reactions of the Malaysian public, who assumed that he was a part of the gang who took the naked photos, and so he decided to “troll” Malaysians by posting a lie on his Facebook claiming that he was in Tawau, Malaysia to throw authorities and netizens off his trail.

Kaminski also saw it fit to mock Malaysians for their responses to the earlier MH370 tragedy, ridiculing the Malaysian public for trying to use a bomoh (native Malay shaman) to try and locate the missing air flight MH370 using a pair of coconuts.

His video is available in full on YouTube at:

Of the 10 tourists, four of the accused have been jailed for 3 days from the date of arrest and fined RM5,000 each.

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