Beware of this clinic which collected a wheel-clamp release fee of $300 which they are NOT authorised to.
(attached LTA’s email confirming that this is State Land. Our Ref: LTA/TRO/RME/RAM/F20.000.000/50238. Dated : 21-Nov-2014 )

On 15 Nov 2014, I had parked my car at a public slip road abutting a corner shophouse at 74 Thomson Road ( The shop name is Animal Infirmary, it’s a pet clinic. Photo attached ). There was no traffic lines, no reserved lots..etc to indicate no parking though there was a signboard stating this is ‘private residence and … shall be wheel-clamped ‘. Thus I double-checked and verified with OneMap in my iPad. It stated clearly it is State Land so I know it’s not their land. I locked my car and left.
Upon my return, my car was wheel-clamped. The car was pasted with 2 notes ( attached note) to go to 74 Thomson Road to get it released at a fee of $300.

On the spot, with the iPad, I showed them in OneMap that this small area is State Land and thus does not belong to them but they claimed and insisted it was theirs. They simply refused to unlock. They also claimed they had LTA authorisation to clamp too. They even challenged us to call the Police.

I called the Police and two came. I showed them OneMap. They spoke to them for some time and came out saying they couldn’t do anything nor ask for the any form of verification document because they refused. I was simply astounded, puzzled and helplessly ‘paralysed’!

I continued to plead with them to show the land ownerships or any form of LTA email or authorisation but they simply ignored and refused to talk!

Is it illegal to wheel clamp if this is not your land?
Is it some form of extortion?
Is it illegal restraint?
Is it amount to lying to the 2 Police officers when they said they had LTA’s authorisation when they actually did not? (Attached article of lying to Police)

My wife called LTA hotline ,thinking they must have the most detailed information that can verify land ownerships, one lady officer replied, ‘If they say the land is theirs, it’s theirs.’ We were totally flabbergasted!

I had also observed there was another Toyota Silver car ( plate no: SJL 4867H – 2 photos, one on the same day and one on Monday) that was wheel-clamped on the same day. We waited for the driver to return so that we could join forces to get them to unlock. But there was no sight of him.

After about 3 hours of stress and trauma suffered by my family of 4 ( 2 adults and 2 young girls) , I helplessly paid $300 to have it released. An official print-out receipt ( photo attached) was issued and including GST!

With regards to the Toyota car, I returned on Monday to check it out. I was shocked to find it wheel-clamped again! But this time it was facing outwards. ( On Sat, It was parked facing inwards). Photos attached. I suspected it belonged to the shop and they had deliberately clamped it to mislead, lie and instil fear on the Public that it was their private land when it is not.
Is it illegal?
Is it cheating?
Is it instilling fear?

I lodged a police report and the investigation lasted for more than 4 months.
The final verdict from the Police was they are not supposed to collect the wheel clamp fee. The shop was asked to remove the signboard! The police wanted to return the $300 to me saying the shop was not supposed to collect. I refused to collect. The police will not take further action! But said however this does not preclude you from seeking redress by taking civil proceedings if you want to pursue the matter!

If you are one of the victims, please contact me as you can collect back your fee.

Please help to share to all your friends so that the victims get the news and get back their $300. Cheers.

HP 91099883

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