I have already mentioned in a previous article how to abolish NS if Singaporeans are for it. NS is a sticky issue. Some Singaporeans are for it, having being brain washed by the PAP to think that it: 1) makes boys become men; 2) protects Singapore from a potential Malaysian invasion; 3) dissuades Malaysia from not wanting to sell water to Singapore; and 4) it’s a national duty. However, there are also many Singaporeans who do not favour NS. I’ve already listed many times why there is no need for NS so I will not repeat those reasons here. Instead I will elaborate on some ways to revamp NS if abolishment is not an option.

First of all, the job of any government is to make the lives of its citizens better. Get it? “Citizens”. Not “Foreign Talents”. The PAP apparently does NOT get it. Hence the draconian policies that it puts in place to “protect” the common Singaporeans to “enrich” the elites in Singapore. National Service, my brothers and sisters, is one of them. Sadly to say, it might be here to stay. So, for the 60.1% of you out there, this one is dedicated to you. LHL and your million dollar ministers, please pay attention. You might learn a thing or two.

So how to improve NS in order to better the lives of Singaporean (males)? I can think of a few off the top of my head.

1) Reduce NS to 6 months. This is a no-brainer. It doesn’t take even a few days on how to use a gun or rifle. Even NPCC and NCC cadets know how to shoot these weapons. 6 months definitely is more than enough. No need to lengthen it for the PAP to brain wash you any further.

2) Introduce NS for ALL citizens and PRs. This includes women too. Sure, if they are too weak to carry rifles, there are many ways to contribute, such as being put into civil defence or being assigned to the medical unit. If we don’t trust PRs to carry guns, let’s assign them to 6 months in the engineer corp. This makes it fair for Singaporean males who have been disadvantaged for too long.

3) Make reservist compulsory for ALL citizens and PRs. Shorten this to 5 years max. Lessen this to 3 days per year.

4) Increase the number of regulars. By doing so, the quantity of military personnel can be maintained.

5) This is for SAF in general. Decrease the number of general officers. Heck, let’s go further to reduce the number of colonels and lieutenant colonels. It seems like the SAF hands these ranks out like it’s free, almost like our citizenship. If you look at other armies around the world, there are very few of these senior officers. It is highly unusual for someone to attain the rank of BG before the age of 45. LHL became a BG at age 31? Get real. In other militaries, he won’t even be able to attain the rank of captain. This is horse shit. Promote based on performance, not “A” Levels results.

6) Increase the pay of ALL in NS.

7) Make NS for flexible by allowing university studies (all the way up to PhD) before serving NS. This will eliminate any “White Horse” syndrome, as is the case now for the sons of the PAP elites. The PAP thinks all Singaporeans are stupid by denying this is happening.

8) Eliminate NS requirements for those emigrating. Why tie people down if they want to find a better life elsewhere. Let them go. Don’t penalize them. Right now, there are up to 10,000 Singaporean men abroad who cannot return because they haven’t served NS. It doesn’t matter they hold US, Canadian, UK, or Australian citizenships and passports.

9) Eliminate the need for Exit Permits. Again, this is a tool by the PAP to lock down Singaporeans. This needs to go.

10) This one is for all Singaporeans. Vote the PAP out. Singapore WILL survive!

National Slavery

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