18 year-old local rapper and YouTube personality Toh Yifan, also known as Tzire, was arrested by police on Wednesday after an 18 year-old female freelance make up artist reported him to the police for uploading nude photos of her online.

The rapper had posted a nude photo of the woman on Facebook, which was picked up by a local forum and went viral. Some time later, the woman made a police report leading to Tzire’s arrest.

“He added me (as a friend) and ased me to like his page, and we started chatting from there,” the woman said.

Tzire invited the woman to his home on 22nd April, where they both played strip poker. After they had both removed all their clothing, the woman performed a sex act on Tzire after losing a bet.

The woman added that Tzire even made her a snack before she wen hoe.

On 4th May, Tzire contacted the girl and asked for a loan of $120 but she refused. According to the messages sent by Tzire, he was heavily in debt to loan sharks.

On Wednesday, he tried to borrow $150 from her again, but when she refused, he threatened to release nude photos of her from their strip poker affair. Realizing that he had a hold on the girl, he then demanded increasing amounts from her, ranging from $250, $400 and eventually raising the bar to $1000. According to Tzire, he owned a total of $3,100 to loan sharks.

The woman claims that she has never passed any money to the rapper, although she said that she cried when Tzire said that he had her photos.

“I cried. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t sleep, it was a traumatizing experience.”

After uploading the photo, Tzire allegedly apologized for blackmailing the woman and said that he had removed photo already.

“Why must he do this to me? His parents are well off, they live in a big flat. Why must he take money from loan sharks or me?” she said.

When asked why she had decided to play strip poker with Tzire, she said that he “was cute and spoke with an ang mo accent.”

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