Over the past 2 days, large groups of Christians dressed in white were spotted in the areas of Suntec City and Marine Parade.

This symbolic act is part of a campaign by Christian pastor Lawrence Khong from Faith Community Baptist Church (FCBC), who called on his congregation and Love Singapore Network churches to don white for their services this weekend.

In a Facebook message posted on Friday, Khong said that by doing this, Christians would be showing their support for the traditional one-man-one-woman family unit and opposing the annual homosexual themed Pink Dot celebration.

“This weekend, we Wear White to affirm the important role that the family plays in nation building. A healthy family is the foundation of a strong nation, and many problems we face in our society today are the result of hurts and pains within a dysfunctional home,” he wrote.

He added, “The devil is promoting same-sex marriage because he seeks to distort and destroy the earthly image of God. This act is one of the highest forms of blasphemy against our Holy God.”

According to photos on the church’s Facebook, their services were filled with devotees who decked themselves in white on white attire.

Meanwhile, Muslims too have been at the receiving end of calls for them to wear white for their Ramadan eve celebrations. According to a Facebook post by religious teacher Noor Deros, who leads a “Wear White” campaign for Muslims in Singapore, he hopes that Muslims would do 3 things in preparation for the Holy Month of Ramadan.

“1- Welcome Ramadan by freeing ourselves from falsehood, such as false conceptions of freedom and love.
2- Avoid any gatherings that goes against the values taught by the prophets of God throughout human history, one example will be the Pinkdot gathering this 13th of June.
3- Be wary of deviant teachings that masquerades as true Islam by respecting proper and serious Islamic scholarship.”

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