National Solidarity Party (NSP) president Sebastian Teo Kway Huang has spilled the beans on the next big thing to hit Singapore politics – the brainy communications student and former local mode Kevryn Lim!

Speaking to the media about Kevryn, Teo said that the 26 year-old Kevryn is a volunteer with the NSP. Because of her communications pedigree, she was tasked with taking charge of NSP’s social media communications and managing the NSP main website and Facebook page.

She is also actively involved in the youth wing of the NSP, where she is a member of the organizing committee in charge of NSP youth activities.

When quizzed about her performance in the party so far, Teo was all praises for Kevryn. Besides being a outstanding and responsible worker, Kevryn consistently walks the ground with the NSP team at Serangoon, Tampines and Marine Parade. Teo said that Kevryn’s educational background and passion for socio-political causes has made her the perfect candidate for her roles in the party.

However, Teo declined to comment if Kevryn was the party’s successor to popular former NSP candidate Nicole Seah. When pressed for an answer, Teo only said that both women were talented in their own ways.

Stay tuned for more updates on Kevryn and the NSP.

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