Dear sir,

My friend show me a photo that make me angry! The photo showing our President Tony Tan & his wife pictures above Buddha! That place is Man Fut Tong nursing home. It a nursing home in charge & under our government.

I never study a lot & my education is not high but I know human’s photo can’t hang above a God! When we are young, our parents always teach us God is highest so photo of our ancestors passed away must not hanging above God!

In the hall, God’s picture & God’s statue is always put on important side of wall and highest. Photo of our ancestors passed away is hanging another side of wall & lower than the God. This is general knowledge of Chinese peoples’ belief of God! How can the government don’t know this simple basic knowledge of people’s religions?

When putting President Tony Tan & his wife photo behind our God and higher than our God, then when people pray to the Buddha it is just like they are praying to Tony Tan & his wife!!!

I agree Tony Tan is our President & we all must respect him but he is not a God! How can he & his wife above our God? Even my other friends after see the photo also angry! How can this happen? No respect for our God! Some friends also say this: since Tony Tan’s religion is different from Buddhism, then is even more important his photo must not above other peoples’ God because misunderstanding is easy to happen. People maybe thinking wrong idea of our President who got different religion is showing no respect of other religions!

Some of my friends go check internet & find out Man Fut Tong is actually inside Sembawang GRC & their MP is Khaw Boon Wan who also a Buddhist. They also find out in internet that Khaw Boon Wan visit that place few times before. How can he who is Buddhist allow this happen? As a Buddhist, he sure must have pray to the Buddha when he visit that place? We so disappointed he as a Buddhist never protect our God’s dignity!

I got friends working inside government departments & they all tell me there are sure official guidelines of how President’s photo must hanging on wall. How come the guidelines never tell people to be sensitive & show respect to a religion’s God?

Our country is multi-racial & multi-religious, all God must be equally respected. Human must always below God! Even they are President or King is still below God!

Hope my God is respected!

Thank you.

Mr Leow

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