After residents moved into their new DBSS flats in Centrale 8 at Tampines in June last year, they were upset to discover the poor quality of their premium flats. Some of them have even gone online to announce their unhappiness about the defects in their flats.

Meanwhile, a group has also spoken the media and say that they hope the developer, Sim Lian Group, can extend the one-year period warranty, which obligates the developer to rectify any defects in the units. Some also want cash compensation.

Centrale 8, located in Tampines Central, has 708 three to five room flats, which are being sold from between $389,000 to $778,000. The units are nearly all sold out. Centrale 8 caused an uproar last year because of its extremely high flat prices, which prompted the Housing Development Board to suspend all future DBSS schemes.

Madam Tan, a secretary who moved into her flat 3 months ago, said that she had to get the developer to fix faulty toilet and balcony locks. She paid $560,000 for her 4 room flat.

“It won’t be fair… if it is due to lousy material used,” she said.

Another resident, Michelle Lim, 35, paid $750,000 for her five-room flat, said a water pipe in her bathroom burst last December, causing water to seep into her bedroom flooring and wall.

Part of the flooring was replaced and the wall was merely repainted, she said. “The flooring in the room has two different colour tones now but the developer told me it’s out of its control. I’m disappointed because we paid so much for the flat. Why should this happen in the first place?”

HDB says that residents have been giving feedback about the poor quality of the flats since July last year. It says it has already asked Sim Lian Group to deal with the feedback.

However, Sim Lian group told the media n Thursday that there is “no basis” to extend the defect liability period or provide financial compensation as it has complied with the sale and purchase agreement.

It urged owners to submit their defects lists within their warranty period, and said defects would be fixed according to the terms of the agreement.

A spokesman said: “Unit owners must understand that each flat unit is not perfect… Sim Lian Group will ensure that all defects rectified in accordance to the (agreement) will meet reasonable industry standards.” It said it is standard industry practice to offer a one-year liability period.

The group added that it attended to home owners within two working days of receiving their reports of defects, and has sent letters to remind those whose warranty is ending soon.

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