Hi Editors,

I am currently staying in the North Side Of Singapore. Due to the recent spat of online vice activities, i went on and notice the block beside me has GUYS coming in and out very often especially during after lunch hours. As my wife and kids are staying with me, i believe i have to do something to my neighbourhood. You see, i was waiting for suspecting males to come by and i happened to stop one guy that came down from the block. I told him i am going to call poilice and send his photos along with it if he doesnt coorporate with me. He gave me the website, along with the lady he went for and told me he wanted nothing to do with this because he has a family of 4 and this is just his “destress” time.

I am ok with it, but this website, after i did some digging, it amazes me.. IT has over a 100 girls advertising on its website! It is so SHOCKING!!! and the authorities are not doing anything to it.. It is very saddening.. Can you do me a favour and make known to SINGAPORE of what is happening?? HDB not doing anything to curb this at all? And why are there so many websites? I only got hold of 3.. SO here is the 3..

I managed to grab hold of a few websites.. APPARENTLY, there are few girls in side and out of 4 men i asked, i had came to know about these 3 websites.

Please take a look: (Editor’s note: The links to the website has been removed)

There are more, will be doing more net vigilanting work. Hopefully this gets shared out. Will send in more details.. Sigh, please do something to protect my kids and my family.. AND MY SINGAPORE!!!

A.S.S. Contributor

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