Editor’s Note: A reader sent us a translation of a complaint by a Thai sports fan, who accused Singaporeans of not being respectful to their national anthem when Thai marathon runner Natthaya Thanaronnawat won the women’s marathon event on Sunday.

If it is right to say this, but I think Singaporeans are arrogant and ungraceful.

When I attended the prize giving ceremony for Than, many Singaporeans sitting down and chatting with each other when our national anthem is played. They were not interested in hearing our national anthem, is fine, but show the respect to our country.

Such actions, does it show well to the visitors from Thailand?

If other countries athletes win the race with their hard work, you should respect it. Is it wrong if other countries treat your athletes like this?

Singaporeans, show your grace! You are a rich country, where as many people in our country struggle to live. We fight hard for our chance, while you sit comfortably and enjoy good jobs, government and peace.

Please show kindness. You are being watched all over the world.

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