Popular local actor Ashmi Roslan died of a heart attack yesterday, according to an announcement on the MediaCorp Suria Facebook page. He was 34 years old.

Ashmi gained fame after taking part in Suria’s Anugerah Skrin, an acting and hosting competition, in 2006.

The first signs that Ashmi was not well was when he posted on his Instagram account a photo of a fruit basket in a hospital room. He hinted that he was not well and had been hospitalised.

“Unexpected turning point but I am thankful that He has given me a reminder to take better care of myself. Thank you everyone for your well wishes. I really appreciate it.”

His girlfriend, local actress Syirah Jusni, took to Instragram to express her grief.

“I will be strong, just for you. I will bring myself up, just for you,” She wrote in a post with Ashmi’s photograph.

“You will always be in my heart, mind and prayers. Thank you for loving me. As much as I have always loved you, and I will always do.”

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