Muslim netizens have taken to arms on Facebook by posting pictures of what appears to be a “Ramadhan Special” poster displayed at a Marble Slab Creamery outlet in Bugis.

The netizens who posted these pictures on the Marble Slab Creamery Facebook said that the sign was very misleading to Muslims, who might not be aware that the chain outlets are not Halal certified. Hence, the use of the name Ramadhan to promote its ice cream promotions was both offensive and misleading.

A netizen also wrote that if Marble Slab Creamery does not remove its misleading Ramadhan posters, he would have to report the matter to MUIS and the authorities.

In response, Marble Slab Creamery has issued an apology on its Facebook for the posters which had been put up at their Kallang Wave, Bugis+ and Causeway Point outlets, clarifying that the company did not intend to offend Muslims with its insensitive poster. The company also acknowledged that the poster was insensitive and apologized for their negligence. It confirmed that none of the Marble Slab Creamery outlets are halal certified, although they plan to do so by 2016.

See the full response:

“Dear all,

We have received some feedback and suggestions from the public that our promotion named “Ramadhan Special” at the Kallang Wave, Bugis+ and Causeway Point outlet is misleading to the Muslim community with the use of the word “Ramadhan” because we are not halal certified. We apologize sincerely for this negligence on our part and the bad use of the word. The promotion was done in good faith and was never meant to mislead nor to show any disrespect to the Muslim community, and we are really sorry about the inconvenience. The posters have been taken down with immediate effect. We will also like to clarify that none of our current MSC outlets are halal certified, but it is in our pipeline to do so for 2016. Thanks for your understanding.”

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