Local Channel 8 actor Chew Chor Meng was eating at a hawker center last month, but met with an unpleasant individual who scolded him for “walking very slow”. Chew left the hawker center embarrassed and saddened by the incident.

Feeling indignant for Chew, Chew’s wife accidentally let slip to his young daughter that Chew had been harassed at the hawker center.

But her response was heart warming.

“If I walk behind you, then nobody will scold you for walking slowly!”

Chew was diagnosed with Kennedy’s disease in 2008, a muscular dystrophy disorder that results in the gradual weakening of muscles in the body which can lead to other complications such as cardiac failure and diabetes.

Chew currently stays at his 3 storey house in Hougang. However, because of his weakening condition, he can no longer climb to the 3rd storey of his home. in Spite of this, Chew tries to climb to the 2nd level of his home everyday so that he can train his strength.

He admits that he has fallen down accidentally several times because his body was tired and felt weak. He thus tries to take extra care of his body and not to push himself too far.

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