The lawyer for 16-year old teenager Amos Yee has written a strongly-worded appeal to the court, saying that the judge should not have called for an evaluation for reformative training for the teen as it has never been considered in his original sentencing.

Mr Alfred Dodwell, in a letter dated today, 12 June, also said that it was inappropriate for the Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC) to submit evidence not related to Yee’s original charges, following 12 May 2015, for the judge’s consideration to send Yee to the Reformative Training Centre (RTC).

Yee has been in remand since 3 June, while an assessment is made to gauge his suitability for reformative training.

Mr Dodwell also called into question the effectiveness of an RTC sentence should it comes to pass, and indicated that doing so might impinge on his rights to free speech under Article 14 of the Singapore Constitution, as he has not been found guilty for all the posts that are now under consideration for his sentencing.

Mr Dodwell also highlighted the poor treatment that Yee has been subject to while in remand at Changi Prison.

He also noted the treatment that Yee was subject to that left him in “a state of depression and having severe suicidal thoughts” which was aggravated by his time spent in remand. He then told the prison officer that he was feeling suicidal.

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