Dear Singaporeans,

I picked this woman up at geylang till bedok north street 2.

Reached bedok north street 2, no cash and tried use mastercard but there is insufficient fund. she made an excuse say she spend over her daily limit when the time was just 4 am . As you know card limit will always renew at 12 am.

So asked her to give me a called, i will sent my account number to transfer me $12 taxi fare. Few days passed, no transaction of $12 . Sent sms to ask her to transfer, she say her friend transfer. She is just making up excuses to cheat my $12 cab fare by creating a 3rd party in. Later call her also dont want answer.

Till I sent a photo of her she say she dont trust transfer ask me go take the $12 . Isn’t she trying to cheat my cab fare? Previously say her friend transfer now say ask me go till her house to take a $12 cab fare. Who is going to pay me my petrol and time to go all the way to bedok north street 2. Trying to be funny, keep say she want to pay but I dont want take.

Taxi driver beware this CHAO KIA!

Pissed Off Taxi Driver

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