Hi everyone,

This dirty old man drove from the side of the road and intentionally hit my left rear car door. He claims that I hit his car first. What a big joke! Malaysian driver bola!

He confronted me and said that I should pay for his car damages. My car is Silver but his car has dents and scratches with ORANGE and RED paint. How to believe that the scratches and dents were caused by my car?

He tried to pressure me by saying that he will report to the police station nearby. I just drove off and he tried to follow my car closely for a couple of minutes. However, he was forced to back off when he tried to filter from my right as traffic blocked him. The heavy traffic prevented him from following anymore and allowed me to drive in peace to my destination. Lol.

Believe he is poor and trying all tricks to con Singapore cars.

Those driving to Malaysia, please beware…!

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