This has precisely always been the truth until pap ibs distort it and frame WP.

All the bidders are pap lackeys who are dependent on pap projects to made a living.

Ever since WP win over that ward in the election the pap have been sore about it and no one dare to bid and work for WP for fear of incurring PAP wrath and losing their projects and business in the future.

WP face with the issue of needing to service the community they are tasked to take care found themselves have money(公款)but no bidders daring to accept their projects thus WP have no choice but to look among their own supporters to settle the issues.

The supporters of WP are mostly underdogs and suppressed common people in society with small business and humble means.

They can’t take on such a big project and thus in order to made these business grow and develop into entities that are large enough to take care of the projects the WP have to pay higher than market rates to help them build up their business first before these towkays can help WP and the people in that ward effectively.

Pap and their hantus see a chance to attack and accuse WP of practising nepotism and mishandling of public funds.

This is all dirty politics and scum behaviours.

Pap instil fear in their loyalists and no one dare to take on WP tender to do work.

Under this type of circumstances what would you expect WP to do?

Friends please vote in worker party if they come to your ward in the upcoming election.

Vote in people who care for you and our country not people who care only for their own pockets.

The more opposition in Parliament the less time pap have ways to come up with self serving policies to screw you.

Pap fear WP that is why they harm and do political fixing on WP for an entire 5 years since the last election until now instead of using the time to solve the fundamental problems which their policies have cause Singaporeans to face everyday.

Keith Lee

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