Despite winning men’s and women’s 100m races on Tuesday, celebrations for the Philippines’ 2 foreign sprinters was short-lived. To Filipino fans in the stadium, it became glaringly obvious that Eric Cray and Kayla Richardson both wore the Philippines flag upside down, with the red rather than the blue on top.

According to Filipino websites, the country flag is only inverted when it is officially at war. No one has stepped forward to claim responsibility for the embarassing episode.

“It must have been an oversight,” a Philippines presidential spokesperson said, and added that she hoped the error would be rectified.

This comes on the tails of a controversy over the 2 United States-born athletes, who some fans accused of having little to do with the Philippines other than their Filipino parentage.

26 year-old Cray, who won gold in his race with a time of 10.25sec, had switched to representing the Philippines in 2011, whereas Richardson has only been in the Philippines once for a holiday. She won her race in 11.76sec.

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