According to the Ministry of Education (MOE), the climbing trip organized by Tanjong Katong Primary School was one of several trips that the school had held for students over 7 years. It also clarified that the route taken by the students was a “simpler” route that was “less steep”.

An MOE spokesperson says that compared with the Via Ferrata route, which has an elevation of 3,520m at its starting point, the elevation of the Walk the Torq route was 3,411m. Walk the Torq is also a shorter route, measuring 281m of hiking, instead of 430m for Via Ferrata.

“This is a less steep route compared to the full Walk the Torq route.” the spokesperson said, confirming that TKPS climbing expeditions have been using the simplified route since 2010.

Mountain Torq, which manages the trips to Via Ferrata on Mount Kinabalu, says that the simplified Walk the Torq route was only for selected groups of trekkers. Their spokesperson praised the TKPS pupils who took Via Ferrata as “the best students we’ve guided. Consistently, they’re better physically and mentally.”

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