The Philippines SEA Games volleyball coach Roger Gorayeb has demanded that SEA Games organizers perform a gender test on Indonesian women’s volleyball player Aprilia Santini Manganang. She was singled out because of her appearance and powerful physique.

The Philippines SEA Games delegation representative has confirmed its request, but said that she does not expect the test to be carried out before the game against Indonesia in Singapore, which will take place on Wednesday. 23 year-old Manganang is expected to play Wednesday’s Pool B opener against the Philippines.

Gender testing in sports causes strong controversies because of the psychological effects on the athlete and because there is little transparency in the process of the tests.

“She’s very powerful, it’s like putting a male in the female division,” Gorayeb said. “Whether she plays or not, it doesn’t matter because we will be playing our best here.”

The authorities have not yet said whether they will grant the Philippines’ request.

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