Dear all,

I am from a camp located in the North. There was this cookhouse survey and I decided to give a 'bad' for it. Then there came a guy to tell me to fill in my particulars because I put an lousy.

The next day, the CO of the unit in charge of the cook house complained to my unit about it and I was called to my OC's office and questioned for my feedback. I could still remember vividly that my OC asked me if my mother was a chef and I was to write a statement about this incident and and explain my action.

I mean, if you only want 'good's or 'very good's, then what is the purpose of the survey? And if, after people give their opinion, you start throwing rank because the opinion is not up to your satisfaction, then what kind of image are you portraying as a regular?

It is ironic that many regulars themselves head out for a LONG lunch in the hawker centres and coffeeshops or cafes/restaurants such as Fish and Co or Thai Express (refusing to eat at the cookhouse).

Thereafter, they come back and pontificate the virtues of being respectful towards elderly workers. I hope that this message gets out because it exposes the hypocrisy of some regulars.


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