Dear parents of the children lost at Sabah,

I cannot even begin to imagine the pain, the anger, the anguish, the numbness that you must be feeling right now.

You are living out the reality of our biggest collective fear as parents. I lose sight of my child for one moment in the playground and I can barely breathe; the very idea that I may not lay my eyes on her again leaves me paralyzed. You have had your children taken from you so tragically, so suddenly. This is perhaps the darkest a parent’s life can get.

And I know that perhaps, at this moment, you are not ready for our condolences, our sympathies, our solidarity. But I want you to know that you do not mourn alone. As a mother, I weep with you for your child; I understand your pain, I understand your anger, I understand your helplessness.

I know that you will relive your decision to send them to Kota Kinabalu moment after moment. I know that you will hold yourself responsible for the loss of your child. You will ask yourself: Why did I say yes?

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