As one of the administrators of this page, I have been at TKPS for the past three days to help out with the memorial services.

This afternoon, my mother, one of the parent volunteers, sent me and one of my friends to go buy drinks for the volunteers, since everyone had been working tirelessly. Some had not even had lunch. We went to the nearby Katong Shopping Centre, and entered the humble Choon Heng Snack Bar (#01-29) to buy our drinks.

Our order was very complicated, with fourteen drinks on it. I offhandedly mentioned that this was for the volunteers at TKPS, to explain why we were ordering so much.

Once the elderly auntie who ran the bar prepared our drinks, she declared them all free of charge. My friend and I balked at the offer, insisting that she accept the $50 that we had brought as a token if not payment. Instead, the auntie took only $6, calling it a lucky number. $6 for at least $20 worth of drinks.

My friend and I were truly humbled by the auntie’s kindness, and I felt the need to share this here. We here at TKPS are incredibly overwhelmed by the show of support and kindness from the general public, whether it be through acts of kindness like these, simply visiting our school to contribute to the tribute centre, or sharing your Kinabalu experiences here. Thank you so much for everything.

(Choon Heng Snack Bar is the one on the left, yellow and red signage.)

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