Dear A.S.S,

DATA REGISTER aka COMPANY REGISTER just called me chasing for “outstanding bills” again with handphone number +65-31587446

They said that if I don’t pay, I will incur interest and they also threatened to find debt collectors to collect the money from me.

In the background, I can hear the other operators calling a lot of people and using the same tactic to scare business owners.

I asked for formal email to my company address. Let’s see what stunt they pulling again.

Authorities please do something and media pick up this news!!! This is too much already so many years nothing done.

What is the Singapore Police Force and ACRA doing!?

Local SME owner

Editor’s Note: Data Register aka Company Register Pte Ltd is fraudulent company that lists businesses on their website without the permission of the business owners. After they list the businesses on their website, they call the owners and demand payment for listing their businesses online. If business owners do not pay up, they harass them with threats, emails, calls and spam. In other cases, they claim to be a company affiliated with ACRA and threatened that if business do not register with them and pay them a fee, their businesses will be delisted and they will not be able to operate legally in Singapore.

In January last year, ACRA brought charges against Data aka Company Register Pte Ltd. The case is still before the courts and there has been no further update since Jan 2014.

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