Some people think that opposing for the sake of opposing only comes from the opposition’s side. Little did they know that it goes both ways.

There are also people that oppose the alternatives just for the sake of opposing. Just to maintain the status-quo no matter how erroneous some policies are.

This is the result of one party rule. People begin to believe in the ruling party’s propaganda.

I remembered a particular conversation with one of my lady bosses that i worked with. I was jolted by the idea that she believes no one outside of the PAP is competent enough. She ask point blank, “who do we replace the PAP with?”

Not only is this statement troublesome. It is inane. The PAP does not hold monopoly on talent. It certainly is not indispensable. In fact, her thoughts showed how people within the PAP has turned into a group-think.

Countries all over the world changes government every now and then. Some to the detriment. Some for the benefit. Many are becoming an apologist for the ruling party.
“Seeing they see not, hearing they hear not, nor do they understand.”

Osman Sulaiman

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