Year 4 Nanyang Technological University (NTU) student Gao HY, who was identified as a SM2.5 PRC scholar on the Electrical Engineering (EEE) degree track, was found lying in a pool of blood on the ground floor of Hall 10 (Block 51) on Sunday.

She was discovered by friends, who saw her bleeding profusely from the head. They called the police, who later cordoned off the area and covered her body with a large white sheet.

Although the case has been classified as a possible suicide, friends and schoolmates find it hard to believe that Gao would take her own life.

According to her friends, Gao had been in high spirits the last they saw her on Friday. She had just received her results and seemed happy that she would be graduating from NTU with a 1st class honours.

They also found it hard to believe that Gao would die from 3 storey drop. Based on the height of the fall, her injuries were unlikely to have been fatal, if not for the direction of Gao’s fall.

Eye witnesses who saw the body said that her head was probably the first point of impact with the ground, which raises suspicions about whether Gao was pushed or had jumped down.

“I saw her after I finished my exams in BLK 49, she waved to me and looked like her usual cheerful self. I can’t believe she would commit suicide,” said one of her schoolmates.

“After we finished our exams, we went out in a big group to have fun. HY also went with us. This incident happened after the release of our results, and it’s strange that local news has not reported on her suicide yet. I guess the police are still trying to figure out the reason behind her death.”

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