The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC), a city council in India, is giving out 1 rupee (2 Singapore cents) to every resident in the city who uses the public toilet there, according to news agencies.

This in a bid to stop India’s unruly population from defecating and urinating in public areas and walls, which are often seen soaked with urine. The stench of human waste is a ubiquitous presence in Indian cities.

AMC health officials said that the offer would be trialed at 67 public facilities across Ahmedabad, which is located in Gujarat state. Officers will be stationed outside public toilets where they will hand a coin to each user.

“Once successful, the project will be implemented in all the 300 public toilets in Ahmedabad,” an AMC health officer said.

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi launched a public cleanliness campaign last year to combat the global image of India as a place that is sorely lacking in hygiene.

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