Editor’s note: The letter below was submitted in response to a screenshot posted on our Facebook page. The person who sent the screenshot accused this lady of being arrogant and looking down on poor people in Singapore. She suspects the screenshot was submitted by an unhappy former employee at her father’s business, who was terminated for having a bad working attitude. Read what started the whole incident in her letter below.

Hi A.S.S.,

I am the person mentioned in a recent post on your Facebook page.

As posted, I merely explained myself as a young adult who wants to come out to the working society. I’ve met lots of criticism and humiliation but I’m working hard to try earn my own living. My dad pampers me, yes. But instead of just relying on his monthly allowance for me, I rather help him with his business which hopefully, in the future will be mine too.

The screenshot was sent by a former employee with a really bad attitude. Other then a personal friendship, business is business and the bosses couldn’t let them continue working like that. They even threaten to have me beaten outside after their termination, assuming it’s my fault that they we’re unable to carry on working.

I feel that I am lucky to be one of those who come from a better family and using that as an advantage to have a better future instead of partying all day and spending money. As my post writes, my dad has paved a road for me. Why should I not take up the opportunity that he has given me?


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