Dear Editors,

We now hear from the parents that the teachers and guides on Mountain Kinabalu were the true heroes. Despite their injuries and without regard for their own safety, they used their bodies to shield those children under their care. This is heroism of the highest order and sadly some have paid the ultimate price. The least we can do for those teachers and the guide should be to award them with Pingat Keberanian posthumously.

“The Pingat Keberanian (Medal of Valour), instituted in 1987, is a Singaporean decoration awarded to any person who has performed an act of courage and gallantry in circumstances of personal danger.”

It will be a fitting award for these heroes who did everything they could to protect fellow Singaporeans. We salute them.

These teachers should be honoured and remembered for their selfless acts so that our younger generation may learn what it truly takes to be a great teacher – not just in school but in life.

Josie Lam
A.S.S. Contributor

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