Hi all

Starting off i would like to say i have had good friends who are malay and indian. I am not racist and I do appreciate racial harmony. I am keen to be friends and be a peace with people of all races. However, i really cannot stand some food stalls operated by some people of Malay and Indian ethnicity.

Today i bought 5 pieces of prata take away for a friend and myself, yet upon opening the packet,i found out that they miss out on 1 prata. Thats means i paid for 4 pieces for the price of 5.

Previous times i was served pathetic small portions of mee siam, mee soto, mee rubus and nasi lemak by some malay foodstalls as well. Sometimes was charged MORE $$ for the same portion that fellow malay patrons are getting.

Mee goreng and nasi briyani, as a chinese customer i was given smaller portions..

These happens only half the time when i purchase from their stalls. I do meet a handful who are honest and ethical food sellers. Just feel so upset!!

Simply feel like boycotting all non chinese foodstalls already!!! F**k them

Annoyed Netizen

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