Posters written by a married woman warning a man that his wife has been having an affair with the woman’s husband were found in void decks in Tampines. The posters, which carried the photo of the alleged ‘homebreaker’, were trying to tell the man that his wife has been cheating on him for the past 9 years.

Shin Min news reported that such posters have been appearing at the void decks of blocks 878 to 880, Tampines Ave 8, for the past two weeks. The posters were in English and Chinese along with a photo of a woman in sporting attire.

Residents said that the posters at block 880 have been torn down, leaving only the photo of the alleged ‘homebreaker’. It is unclear who had put up the posters and photos.

The poster addressed one ‘Mr Lee’ and is written by an anonymous married woman. The woman said that her husband is having an affair with the wife of Mr Lee and this has been going on for 9 years.

“I discovered the shameful affair about 2 years ago, my husband and I have quarreled, fought and I really feel like giving up this marriage, but my husband told me it is your wife that doesn’t want to let go and continues to pester him,” the poster wrote.

The author claimed that she will call the ‘homebreaker’ every three months to plead with her to leave her husband, but the ‘homebreaker’ was unwilling saying that he was a nice man with no temper.

The author also said that the ‘homebreaker’ would fetch her husband to his workplace every morning and they would have lunch together. There was even once when their maid chanced upon the ‘homebreaker’ and the husband in Geylang.

There was once when the author went to the ‘homebreaker’s’ office to talk things through, but she found out that the entire office already knew that ‘homebreaker’ has another boyfriend besides ‘Mr Lee’. The author also went to the Lee residence, but only the daughter was at home, and the daughter said her mother only loved to dance.

When the author confronted the ‘homebreaker’, she was told by the ‘homebreaker’ that they shouldn’t fight over a man and that they should be good friends. She said that the husband of the author was penniless and that she was giving money to him.

The author urged Mr Lee to rein in his wife and to stop bothering her husband. She said both the families have children and she doesn’t wish the children to grow up without a father or mother.

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