I’m frankly getting quite p*ssed off with the level of dumbassery in Malaysia because of this whole “naked-on-the-mountain” fiasco.

They’re saying because some foreigners ran around on top of the mountain without their underwear on, the spirit of the mountain got angry and retaliated by causing a f**king massive earthquake. A bunch of dudes and kids died, and so now they’re saying that the big bad white tourists should be held responsible.

Spirit of the mountain? Are you serious? So are the locals like Pocahontas or something?

I don’t know about you, but I learnt in grade school that earthquakes aren’t caused by people running around with their jingly bits hanging out.

For crying out loud, I don’t think I can understand a word of that bullsh*t the Malaysian government is saying. But then again, I can’t really understand anything the locals are saying anyway. They sound like they’re chewing on a burger or trying to fart with their mouths half the time they’re talking to us.

I guess I’m just cheesed off that it’s always gotta be the white dude’s fault when bad sh*t happens. F**k that shit all right? Colonialism has been over since the nineteen f**king sixties. Remember the hippie movement? Vietnam? Yes, that sh*t got thousands of young Americans killed when they tried to liberate you f**king Asians from yourselves and commie Russia.


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