Tanjong Katong Primary School student survivor Emyr Uzayr does not want to close his eyes, even as he lies in a hospital bed at Gleneagles Kota Kinabalu Hospital recovering from a fractured skull and injured back.

The student told his father Sadri Farick that when he closes his eyes, the images of the disaster and his friends getting hurt keep unfolding in his mind.

“By closing my eyes, I keep seeing what I saw. It’s so shocking and I cannot believe it.” He says.

Sadri says his son saw things “that I don’t think I would like to describe”.

“It is very sad when my son asked about his missing friends,” Sadri added.

Although Emyr was moved out of intensive care to a normal ward at 6PM yesterday after undergoing an emergency 4-hour operation, the boy was unable to put the horrors of the ordeal behind him. His parents arrived at the hospital at about 1.30PM today when Emyr was just regaining consciousness.

“My wife is very close to my son. Of course she is very happy to see him alive,” he said. “Seeing him is the best thing in my life.”

Emyr will be flown back to Singapore via an International SOS air ambulance today.

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