Dear Editors,

Many families, especially with school going children are deeply sadden by this very very very unfortunate incident where many of our young and bright students perished in the Malaysian mountain.

We must never allow such an incident from occurring again. We must never send our young ones to harms ways, especially the fact remain that many of these young ones don't stand a chance of survival.

We must seriously review of current policies of sending our young children to such dangerous activities. The fact remain how can anybody, school and government officials compensate young children's lives to their heart broken parents.

It is definitely a no brainer that primary school kids are too young and fragile for the nature of such trip no matter what one say about preparations and trainings. You can say the earthquake is an isolated unpredictable disaster but what about risks of landslides, flash floods, high attitudes sicknesses?

Is it all these assume hazards written in the RAMS and trained for before trip? If quakes ever happens in Sabah, then this should also be in the RAMS to take note.The risk assessment involved in organizing has obviously failed, even if it is one time too many. We must never allow it to happen again. We are really deeply sadden that many of our young ones have perished in this unfortunate incident alone !

Really find it very hard to accept or find a reason to justify it at all. Really hard for many of us, parents to explain to our children why it happened and how come adults have not prevented it.

Every trip is different and unique, and no matter is this the first trip or frequent annual trips, and with primary school kids going for such tough environment trip, tragedy is definitely in the waiting even without quake.

Donald Lee

A.S.S. Contributor


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