The ST said that Mount K is a relatively easy you climb .Relative to what? Everest??

I have been there in June many years ago and it is definitely not an easy climb for the common man on the street. My group and I did train once a week for 3 mths before the climb and we are relatively fit adults. Along the way we saw unfit people suffering or getting injured from bad falls and having to turn back halfway and we did not see any children at all.

Those who have been to Mount K will say the same thing that they did not see children on the Mountain.

I would not recommend the best climb to anyone below the age of 16. Would you bring your young children there?

The question is will an adult with a more developed physique, more developed mental fortitude and rich life experiences be able to handle the emergency situation better?

I am not saying the adult will not die from a earthquake but all things being equal, they have a higher chance of surviving.

Young children should do what is suitable for them.

There is an unhealthy one upsmanship going on in society.

The teachers and parents of the children will be in guilt for the rest of their life for not doing their due diligence!

FYI, there have been 6 people who died on Mount K due to falls and other incidents in the past 15 years. So don’t say this is a safe mountain. Are the parents aware of this?

When the news first broke, I thought the Primary school pupils were there to just visit the park and not climb the mountain. When my friend confirmed with me the children were really there to climb the mountain, I was like ‘What the f**k?” And when I found out they were doing the descent via Ferrata, I was ‘What the flying f**k!”

So don’t make it sound like the trip was suitable for 12 year olds.

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