Hoping to record a video for a blog documenting their Kota Kinabalu expedition, Tanjong Katong Primary School student Peony Wee and her friends set up a camera and recorded what they thought would be just another video for the journey.

Little did 12 year-old Peony Wee Ying Ping know that this would be her last video and words to her parents.

At the end of the video they made, Peony waved poignantly at the camera and said “bye” to her parents. Ironically, her schoolmate said aloud: “We’re safe here in Malaysia lah.”

The girls were in high spirits, laughing and giggling throughout the video that was uploaded on the blog on 4th June as they talked about waking up cold on Mount Kinabalu.

They also talked about their next steps in the journey.

“Reach Pendant Hut safely, as a group we have to motivate each other… see nobody give up along the way,” Peony’s schoolmate said.

Peony chirped in: “Help each other.”

The video was taken 1 day before the 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck Sabah, Malaysia, where Peony Wee and her group of schoolmates were climbing Mount Kinabalu. Falling rocks killed Peony and some of her young friends.

The victims were part of a group of 29 pupils and 8 teachers who were on an overseas learning journey.

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