Bertha Henson I find your view very biased la, you say GY is better than LTK … but then we’ve never seen LTK perform as a minister of any sort so how would you know his abilities?

You saying about AHPETC questionable fund overspending, now let me ask you why is everyone in the grants committee from PAP, why no one from the oppositions are in that committee, this is politics after all we are talking about, look beyond the surface please and think what happens behind close doors and why WP wants independent auditors.

If you are talking about economy and gdp, sure the current PAP is good at that but haven’t you notice our social issues have gotten so bad, cases of foreigners selective hirings and discriminations towards locals at jobs are very high(MOM reported 400 such cases in 2014, imagine how many more of such cases go unreported), with these kind of social problems, will it get worst when foreign/new citizens population grows? How will our kids face the future with social problems like this going on?

There are a lot of loopholes foreigners take advantage of, to bring someone with the same background as them over and gives them a high paying job that could have been held by a local. Will our kids be impacted as foreign population grows, currently 74% of jobs that pays over 12k per month are being held by foreigners, do the government really have stringent checks to make sure no cases of selective hirings is going on?

Will the native Singaporeans be able to find good jobs in the future with such social problems that is going on and with the expanding of new citizens/foreign population? To me you can’t based a government good performance based on economy alone , we should judge them as a whole (performance and policies).

For me PAP bad policies outweighs their performance and for that I’m going to give others the chance to prove themselves and govern (oppositions) – all these are the direct result of having Lee Hsien Loong as a PM whom you claimed are exceptional, I think we can do better than this guy.

And we have a lot of credible people in the oppositions … from CEOs, entrepeneurs, lawyers, psychiatrist, economists, business owners etc. they just needed to be given the chance to prove themselves.

Maybe the old batch of PAP is good but I don’t see anyone exceptional from the current batch of PAP besides Tharman.

I’m just stating 1 of the problem that was the result of LHL bad policies, there are a lot more problems he has created, a good leader goes beyond gdp and economy, a good leader must be able to tackle every problems well, something LHL fails to do, for a few things he does right there is quite a lot he failed miserably, that is why even with a good economy, leaders in Japan and Sweden was replaced.

A lot of LHL policies are based on shortcuts and will have a huge impact on Singaporeans in the future, which will lead to social problems, namely his liberal immigration and foreign policies which he uses to bring up the economy and population despite many objections from even the PAP otais(senior members) which happen a few years back if you can remember, even they say there are many ways to bring up our gdp and our population but LHL die2 wants to take the Population White Paper route, I can roughly guess why LHL needs these new citizens.

Vote wisely Singaporeans, this might be last time you have a voice in your country, after this election new citizens population might be more than our population and they are the ones who would be controlling the votes, policies and election in this country.

A good leader is more than just bringing up the economy, having good credentials or having an extensive job resumes, a good leader requires someone with critical thinking and able to solve the country’s problems well, a talent you are either born with or not, currently I can say the politicians who has the most potential to lead this country forward is Low Thia Khiang, Tan Jee Say and Tharman, but Tharman is in PAP, and with PAP you would be stuck with population white paper policy, a policy that is politically and socially detrimental to the locals.

Muhd Firdaus
A.S.S. Contributor

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