To the people in charge of the Singapore Sports Hub,

I just attended the Singapore SEA Games opening ceremony at your venue today. Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on a well done opening ceremony for most of the programme.

However, I want to bring to your attention some things you can change to make future events more success.

First, can you please enhance your ushers and queuing system? When I arrived at the sports hub today, I saw long snake queues all over the place without any sense of order. Maybe arrange barricades and let the people queue in layered formation will be better.

Second, why is the roof of the sports hub not retractable or at least see through? If you are going to launch big opening ceremonies for major events at the sports hub, that means you will use fire works right? If you use fire works, but the roof of the sports hub cannot retract or see through, then what is the point of having fire works? The people seated inside the stadium will just be “hearing” the fire works happening outside of the sports hub and looking at a screen, whereas the people outside of the sports hub will be enjoying the full view of the fire works!

I hope you can consider this for future events, thank you!

Marcus Yong

Editor’s note: This letter was sent to the Singapore Sports Hub feedback email by the reader.

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